Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle


💧 HOLDS BEVERAGES! Thirsty for some water? It'll hold it. Craving ice-cold water? It's got you covered! Feeling adventurous with flavored drinks? Go ahead and pour them in! 💧 HAS A LID! Tired of spills in your car cupholder or backpack pocket? Fear not! This water bottle comes with a secure lid that keeps your liquid right where it belongs. 💧 VACUUM-SEALED, TOO! Wait, did you know it's vacuum-sealed? Well, not for tidying up your tent, but to insulate your drink and keep it refreshingly cold. 💧 SHINY! Made from stainless steel, this water bottle not only shines but also makes a perfect canvas for your favorite bumper stickers. 💧 SASQUATCH TESTED, SASQUATCH APPROVED! We don't have photo evidence, but can you really prove it's NOT sasquatch tested? In search of a completely ordinary, yet highly useful water bottle with a fully functional lid? Look no further! This water bottle does all the regular things you'd expect: holding water, ice-cold water, and even your favorite flavored beverages. And yes, it excels at what you'd anticipate: keeping them cold. How, you ask? It's simple—it's double-walled and vacuum-sealed! Just fill it up with 500 ml (or 17 oz) of liquid, screw on the lid, and off you go. Our product tester Sasquatch loved the sturdy handle on the lid, allowing him to carabiner the water bottle to his backpack. Unfortunately, no photos were provided (or mysteriously disappeared—up to you to decide). Rest assured, this water bottle is shiny enough to captivate even the fussiest two-year-old or that friend at a music festival who's indulging in toddler-like behavior. It's also durable enough to withstand a little ground banging and enthusiastic shaking for moments of blissful distraction. Craving a touch of personal style? Adorn it with your collection of stickers and make it uniquely yours. It'll still hold water, and you'll still be able to enjoy a refreshing drink. Just remember, don't cover the opening with a sticker. That's not recommended.